by Michael Bielicky & Kamila B. Richter


The Garden of Error and Decay tells the continuous story of current world disasters. In addition to the author Twitter users and stock exchange information influence the story telling. Every time a disaster related topic is discussed in Twitter it becomes displayed in the form of an animated pictogram. Users have the opportunity to either eliminate or multiply the disaster scenes with a shooting devise. However, it is not the user that has the power to decide what really happens. Like in real life everything is driven by stock exchange dynamics, these dictate whether it goes up or down. In that sense this innovative moving image format is something like a real-time data driven narrative. This project is not a film, not a game, and not a nonlinear interactive story.

"The work problematizes the relationship between the individual and global events. Garden of Error and Decay function as an allegory of the impotence of the citizen when confronted with superordinate facts, which have reached such a degree of abstraction that they are not comprehensible or modifiable anymore, although they are real and determine everybody’s life." - Franziska Nori

Garden of Error and Decay