*Emporium Spirit*


Emporium Spirit is a real time visualization and sonification of the world's largest equities market with over 3,000 companies. The audio-visual output of the Emporium Spirit is an accurate translation of the New York Stock Exchange data to image and sound.

The data transformer Emporium Spirit sees the world in its archetypal state formed by ideal solids with elemental properties of Zuse’s digital particle that constitutes the essence of the universe as computational system. Emporium Spirit provides a universal image of digital growth trying to convey the reality of non-material worlds by the means of pre-attentive visualization methods that enable complex information processing executed by human perception system, as the intuitive processing is more effective than the slow and narrow conscious rational processing. In this sense, the Emporium Spirit explores the archetypal images in our minds by looking for the most intuitive ways of data translation. The point is not to transmit any particular sequential meaning but rather to make present the power of digital worlds that are increasingly self-sustaining and autonomous and although being abstract they are real and determine individual experience.

Made in collaboration with Pavel Němec.