InfoScapes complicates the structure of the world previously reduced to individual growth instructions (InfoSpecies). Here, the originally non-related self-propagating growth patterns are organised into information communities based on the composition rules extracted from the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. In the information landscapes, similarly as in Friedrich’s landscapes, the fir trees symbolize hope (web traffic), mountains represent an immovable faith (technological improvements), church or cross refers to religious idols (human population, world wide web), light skies signify optimism (stock market indexes), while the dark skies foreshadow the apocalyptic future (world energy consumption, weather related disasters).

The symbolic data landscapes interpret information conglomerates as an internally interconnected community whose interior actors exist as instructions propagating themselves only in the frame of the one all-connecting universal meta-pattern. InfoScapes view the world as value scenes shaped by the strongest meaning model which structures an individual as well as the collective way of existence. In the world of InfoScapes, all information forms, concepts, ideas and other cultural units are chimeras modelling the communal mind through the means of human brains, media and information technologies.