oil on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

The InfoPainting accepted the partiality, relativity and absurdity of any definition in order to result in an information materialization through an extreme self-limitation using the medium of oil painting. The oil layers of the InfoPainting are shaped by struggle of information beings that had emerged from the inflating statistical data in the previous less material stages of information organization. The InfoPainting canvas becomes a battlefield of the growth patterns. Each digital unit fights for its own reality within the world limited by the area of the canvas. The data-monsters strive for their individual material self-establishment and parallel subordination of the conflicting data-chimeras. The results of the data-battles are recorded by the oil colour traces.

The information delimitation reaches its most material point in the materialization process. The originally pure ideal discrete values are transformed into continual material forms filling up the gaps of non-reality with matter-reality. The world is a place where information patterns execute themselves with increasing intensity in order to confirm their reality even at a price of radical escalation of their unreality and consequent absurdity. The self-delimiting entities inevitably aim toward their absurdity through their extreme reality. The hyper-reality of the self-confirming patterns results in fatal alienation, emptiness and meaninglessness. The strong definition of meanings produces fatal decline of meanings.